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offers a range of services all with one goal: your business succeeding.

Put a smile on your face by using our experience for your small business.

technology coaching

With the wide variety of options available it helps to have a clear understanding of what will work for you in your business, and what won't.

We can act as the technology coach for you and your business, guiding you through the options you have for a smooth running and successful business.

Kiss goodbye to wasted time!

web strategy technology strategy

To be successful at anything, you need a strategy.

A strategy workshop gives you a clear pathway for the use of technology in your business.

This can be one-on-one when you're starting out, or with a group if you've grown.

Getting there is easier when you have a map!

website design

How do we get you online in hours? Because we base our websites on the superbly popular Wordpress CMS. We can have you online and empowered to manage your own website within hours. Literally!

We'll show you to add and change copy, include images, add articles and pages and how to use widely available plugins to increase your website's functionality.

microsite hosting

Let's be honest: you don't always need a fully fledged website. Despite what some companies will tell you...

But there is no business that should be without some sort of web presence.

Microsite hosting gives you one page to get the essential details of your business online: location, opening hours and services offered.

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