Are you a reseller for any particular vendors?

No! Tech Tock takes and makes nothing from any of the vendors we use. If we recommend someone, a product or a company it will be because we have used them and have had a good experience. Nothing more.

Where are you based?

Tech Tock IT Strategies services the greater Sydney area in person, and will work remotely for any other regions.

Can I figure out my own technology solutions?

Simple answer is yes. Just as you could figure out how to fix a blown head gasket in your car... it's completely "doable". It's just that it may not be the best approach.

If you’re starting a business then you’ll want to start right – right from the start.

Technology for a small business should be, and can be, easy.

With everything else that needs to happen to get your business off to a great start, muddling through the available options for the web, websites, email and communications should be the last thing you want to do.

After meeting with Tech Tock you’ll have cut through the muddle of technology options available to you. With one less area to worry about, you can focus on your core business while Tech Tock IT Strategies take care of building the best overall solution for you to succeed.

There is a myth that if you are starting a business then you need to understand how to build a web site so you can “save money”. And another myth that you need to understand how that website works so you can make changes, or suffer paying someone each time you need to update the content. There is the myth that you need to know some web marketing. You need to understand search engine optimisation – another myth. You need to… you need to... you need get the idea…

People start and run small non-technical businesses because they feel some passion for what they do – not so they have to learn about technology.

Yes, you need to know how to send and receive emails. Yes, you need to understand your mobile phone. But spending your time learning HTML or web marketing so you can apparently save a little cash is a false economy. A winning race car driver is not a mechanic or an engine designer. They cross the line first because they spend their time being the best at driving. Kate Winslet does not win Oscars by editing her own movies.

Gone are the days when home made websites could cut it. Gone are the days when people would call back if they couldn’t get through to you. Gone are the days when people would wait for a reply to their email before mentally thinking “next!”. Gone are the days when all you needed was a phone number and a fax to do business.

There are very simple and much less expensive ways to cater for many business needs that work around technology, whether it’s a web presence, ways to deal with incoming calls, or even using email efficiently. Tech Tock IT Strategies will work with you to discover the best options for your telephony, internet presence, email and mobile devices. Take a look at the packages we have available by clicking here, and our services by clicking here.

Do you need a fully fledged ecommerce site or will a brochure site do the job perfectly? How do you get faxes for orders if you don't have a fax machine? How do get paid directly from your website? What functionality should you include and how? How can you have callers directed so you'll win their business? Is Twitter something you need to think about? What tools are out there for working more easily with email?

Give us a call (02 8014 7616) or drop us an email ( to start right, right from the start!