You can’t get away from the fact that it’s good to talk – and I’ll put you onto one of the easiest and cheapest way to get covered for landline and voicemail-to-email.

VoIP or vOAP?

VoIP or vOAP?

Email is great. It’s super useful and essential. IM has its good points too (IM flows to at least approximate a conversation).

But voice-to-voice trumps everything except face-to-face communications. No amount of emoticons can do justice to the intricacies of the human voice and you’re fooling yourself it you think otherwise. A string of exclamation marks will never convey the same excitement as your voice when you talk to a potential customer. Your enthusiasm will never be as obvious in an email.

If you have a choice on how to communicate with a customer/potential customer then pick up the phone or even better, go meet them! Odd advice from someone running a business called Tech Tock IT Strategies right? Shouldn’t I be telling you to invest in unified communications? Shouldn’t I be evangelizing instant messaging, Tweet and email? I do but the reality of running a business is that voice and meetings are king for communication.

Using a hosted VoIP service you can pay just over $10 a month to a service provider to get a direct dial number in any state. Your clients don’t need to pay interstate call charges and you look bigger than you are: the telecommunications equivalent of a puffed up frog.

The simple fact is that often people will trust a business less if they only provide a mobile phone number.

With modern broadband, voice quality on VoIP is perfect. You can also easily set your new phone numbers up to do things like forward voicemails to email. So if you have a mobile that gets email you’ll know almost immediately when a potential customer calls to tell you they’re interested in your product or service! Their voice recording arrives to your inbox.

You get your messages without having to be near a desk phone. That means easier travel. That means less worry about having to go check your messages because they come to you. You can even pay a small additional setup fee to set up IVR.

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