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Via video… “It prints money.” “I don’t care.”

If You Were Building an Office…

…then maybe it should be like this one in Bangkok for dtac… wow…. :)

The Cloud…

A pal’s pal from Salesforce sent this one on… nice…


I wonder… will it?

There is a lot of talk around this new form factor but I get the distinct feeling that Apple has just jumped the shark. The morphing and amalgamation of device functionality has been interesting to watch over the last five years. Phones that take photos. Cameras that take video. MP3 players that play games. Smartphones that do it all. Netbooks, laptops and notebooks. Small form factor PCs, desktops and servers. The bands have gotten steadily more fuzzy and I personally think we’re just about hitting the ceiling as far as granularity goes.

Netbooks were the blip they were because they fit nicely between laptops and smartphones. The spaces between device types have been filled with the plethora of “new” devices that are essentially the bastard children of existing devices. Or smaller versions of existing technology. Or larger versions…

So basically, I believe we’re at a point where the average consumer and prosumer is saying “so what?”. Apple fans will no doubt do what Apple fans will always do on release of the iPad: form queues to be first to own the new thing that Apple has hyped for previous six months. The rest of just won’t care – at least as much. The iPod was/is awesome. The iPhone too even though I prefer Android (even at this early stage). Game changers and all that. The iPad? I’m not sure I could even guess what game it didn’t change. As a piece of technology it’s an interesting form factor, but outside that it’s not going to do anything that would warrant me paying money for it… yet…

A friend posted yesterday on Facebook saying the iPad “will change your life”. I really really worry that someone could have a life so empty that something like an iPad could have such a dramatic effect…

Hunters and Farmers – Seth Godin

Another bloody brilliant blog entry from Seth Godin. Click here for the article (one of those ones where it’s simple but you may not have thought about it framed this way…)

I love reading his stuff because I learn so much.

I feel uneasy reading his stuff because it makes me realise how much I have yet to learn…

A kid who has innate hunting skills is easily distracted, because noticing small movements in the brush is exactly what you’d need to do if you were hunting. Scan and scan and pounce. That same kid is able to drop everything and focus like a laser–for a while–if it’s urgent. The farming kid, on the other hand, is particularly good at tilling the fields of endless homework problems, each a bit like the other. Just don’t ask him to change gears instantly.

- Seth’s Blog

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A New Way to Present – Prezi.com



Something to add a little spice to your online or canned presentations… new and all the way from Hungary… ladies and gentlemen… iiiiiiiittttttttttt’s Prezi.com. Take a look. Run the trial. Have fun!!

It’s simple. More importantly it’s clean and effective. Overall an awesome tool to have in your arsenal and something that will help you stand out from the crowd.

(I put this demo together in appox five minutes with no real effort so just imagine the slickness if you took some time… click More then go Full Screen for best effect)

What Matters Now – Free eBook

Who Contributed...

Who Contributed...

A free ebook a la many thought leaders and brought to you from Seth Godin… get it here: http://sethgodin.typepad.com/files/what-matters-now-1.pdf

Seth Godin – Nails It Again

Mr Godin strikes again… if you are in any way interested in technology and marketing, subscribe to his updates.

The man has amazing ability to put big ideas in small blog posts and gets straight to the point. I’m not one for retweeting, and republishing other peoples material so I’ll simply say: go to Seth’s latest blog post here for a gem.

Even better, get yourself on his mailing list.

It’s Good To Talk – VoIP

You can’t get away from the fact that it’s good to talk – and I’ll put you onto one of the easiest and cheapest way to get covered for landline and voicemail-to-email.

VoIP or vOAP?

VoIP or vOAP?

Email is great. It’s super useful and essential. IM has its good points too (IM flows to at least approximate a conversation).

But voice-to-voice trumps everything except face-to-face communications. No amount of emoticons can do justice to the intricacies of the human voice and you’re fooling yourself it you think otherwise. A string of exclamation marks will never convey the same excitement as your voice when you talk to a potential customer. Your enthusiasm will never be as obvious in an email.

If you have a choice on how to communicate with a customer/potential customer then pick up the phone or even better, go meet them! Odd advice from someone running a business called Tech Tock IT Strategies right? Shouldn’t I be telling you to invest in unified communications? Shouldn’t I be evangelizing instant messaging, Tweet and email? I do but the reality of running a business is that voice and meetings are king for communication.

Using a hosted VoIP service you can pay just over $10 a month to a service provider to get a direct dial number in any state. Your clients don’t need to pay interstate call charges and you look bigger than you are: the telecommunications equivalent of a puffed up frog.

The simple fact is that often people will trust a business less if they only provide a mobile phone number.

With modern broadband, voice quality on VoIP is perfect. You can also easily set your new phone numbers up to do things like forward voicemails to email. So if you have a mobile that gets email you’ll know almost immediately when a potential customer calls to tell you they’re interested in your product or service! Their voice recording arrives to your inbox.

You get your messages without having to be near a desk phone. That means easier travel. That means less worry about having to go check your messages because they come to you. You can even pay a small additional setup fee to set up IVR.

Another way to make life simpler! Contact us for advice on your options… (02) 8014 7616 or email info@techtock.com.au

Static Site vs CMS

I was speaking to a friend yesterday who wondered which was best: a static site or one based on a CMS (e.g. WordPress, Joomla or Drupal).

The real answer is that there is no “best”, there is only the best fit.

Look at your business. Is it something that a) needs constant updates to the content of your website and b) will have you excited enough to write constant updates?

Let’s say you’re a carpet cleaner. Does your area warrant anything more than a simple static site which gives your customers the information they need to pick up the phone and call you? It’s unlikely. You get the business anyway.

But now let’s say you make pottery. It starts to makes sense to have an easy way to add each new creation to your site without having to bother with writing HTML. Without having to FTP. Without having to manually update links between pages. That’s where a CMS comes into play to make your life easier. People need to know the new pot has been made before they can buy it.

Content Management Systems allow people without web skills to update and change the content of a website. So if you can use a word processor, you can use a CMS.

They’re quick to install. They have a wide variety of plug-ins available for everything from Twitter feeds to shopping carts to quote-of-the-day engines. And best of all, many of them are free.

When should you consider a CMS based website?
1) Your business is dynamic (life coaches, health, fashion).
2) You are excited enough to create new content (e.g. articles, newsletters) on a regular basis.
3) You create new products which need to be added to your site
4) You need additional functionality. Integration with shopping carts, Twitter feeds etc.

And there is nothing stopping a mix of the two. For example, techtock.com.au is built on a very simple static HTML base with links through to a CMS for dynamic content.

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