Tech Tock IT Strategies works with small business. We help you find the quickest and best way to get online. In hours, not days. For hundreds, not thousands.

We'll show you how to find clients. No ridiculous promises, just solid business approaches.

We'll explain social media and help you decide if your business will benefit. No hype.

We do this through:

Everyone says it but in a word: "differently". You'll deal with a real person who has your interests ahead of dollar signs. We work closely with small business to work out your strategy for web presence, social media, communications and even back office.

We work hands on. If you need to talk about something, you can. We ensure that you understand your strategy and why it will work.

Let's say it again. We are different. Tech Tock is focused on the end result for you. Our drive comes from seeing the success of our clients.

We bring fifteen years of experience across all areas of technology to you so you won't need to wonder if you're making the right decisions.

The first consultation requires nothing but a $50 donation to Project Seres. Oh, and you buy the coffee! You'll sit down with us so we can get an idea of what you want from your business then we'll either decide to work together or we may just point you in the right direction.
(02) 8014 7616

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